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Granite offcuts – The best choice for small projects during home developments

Offcuts are a fantastic way of acquiring stone for less cost. Offcuts are usually kept by granite worktop companies as residue/leftover material left behind after the main worktop pieces are cut from the slabs. Because these are the unwanted leftover pieces, they are sold for far less money than usual because the customers don’t have to splash their money on full slabs, and instead pay only for the material they require. So if you need the likes of a coffee surface, a desk for your bedroom, a windowsill for your bathroom etc. then you needn’t pay hundreds of pounds for the items, because no slab is required – offcuts are your answer!

Will my table legs, desk or cabinets withstand the weight of granite offcuts?

Stone offcuts can weigh up to 100kg, or more! This depends entirely on the size, and the material. For example, the far denser and mineral-rich granites are heavier than man-made quartz. On average the weigh of a coffee table is around 50kg, a windowsill will weigh about 20-30kg and a full sized table or desk worktop may be a far heavier deal, even in the 100kg regions.

Whether your table legs or cabinets are able to withstand the weight of such material is unknown. This question is rather ambiguous. In the short term, very likely, in the long term they could give in. It is usually best to consult a manufacturer of your product or read the specification manuals. These should highlight the weight limitations. Alternatively, if you cannot find the relevant info, the legs can be supported with metal bands or steel internal support systems to assure the sturdiness. If you’ve just bought some granite offcuts and you’re searching for support systems, you should reach for specialists on polishgranite.co.uk. There are contact details on their website, so be sure to get in touch. With the company’s expertise, they will be able to assure that your structure does not fail and remains firm for many years.

Granite, ceramic and quartz offcuts – the best material is…

There is no single best material as such, they all have a lot of positives and are all unique in their own individual ways. All are heat, scratch and chip resistant. They last a lifetime. They do not stain and do not absorb any liquids. There are a couple aesthetic differences, nonetheless. Granite, a natural stone, presents itself beautifully in traditional places. Its composition of minerals, veins, grains perfectly fits in with wood or tiles, for example. The aforementioned company has a lot of granite offcuts creations in their gallery – so be sure to check them out! Quartz, a man-made product, often goes well with glass, metal and laminated wood i.e. the more modern materials. The synthetics complement each other. The best attribute of ceramics is that they fit in to any interior and complement both traditional and modern surroundings, and the furniture. Keep all of this in mind when choosing offcuts for your place!



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