HomeTipsA couple of tips if you’re redesigning your home:

A couple of tips if you’re redesigning your home:

Get a 3D plan before any work commences

redesigningNothing allows you to visualise a given project more than a 3D model, plan or digital design. Humans are highly observant people, stimulated primarily by sight so if one is exposed to a clear, interactive project, his/her perception may change completely. This is why, if you’re redesigning your home with help of a professional company, it’s vital to get a definite, precise visual plan before any extensive work begins at your house. In the end, that way you’ll know what you’re signing up for and the designers will be less cunning in their work. If you rely solely on their word or oral/written description, it may not suffice in future if you’ll want to dispute some aspects. After all, a designer’s orally-made plans may be colourful, coherent, eloquent, enriched with vast flavoursome detail, but if the end result turns out disappointing, you’ll have nothing to quote him/her on, unless you’re in possession of a recording.

To guarantee yourself a finely completed job, always request an exact design, so that in future if there are any discrepancies you can dispute the finished job by consulting your visual plan and pinpoint anything that hasn’t been undergone or any aspect which lacks lustre. Disputing anything like that would be much harder if you were consulting a written or an oral claim (i.e. very vague and undetailed plans). So to secure yourself, your home and your money, be sure that your plan contains as much visual detail as possible.

Do not treat the skip as a disposal for everything

Many things you want to get rid of can actually still have a lot of purpose elsewhere. Just because you deem something as useless does not mean it should be instantly eradicated. There are charity shops, organisations or charity skips which will happily accept your unwanted items – so long as they’re still in good condition. But any picture frames, couches, chairs, tables, among many others will be taken with open arms. So not only you’ll be donating to a good cause, you’ll sleep well knowing you’ve done a good deed whilst refurbishing your home.



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