Homedecorating the kitchenQuartz Kitchen Worktops - What you need to know before buying:

Quartz Kitchen Worktops – What you need to know before buying:

Have you been thinking of man-made stone for your worktops? Read below to know why quartz kitchen worktops top all other materials

Quartz kitchen worktops made from conglomerate have been popular for years, and are most often used for finishing kitchen furniture. All because of their advantages, among which the most important is the aesthetics of workmanship – tops made of conglomerate are assembled without visible joints, they are made to measure and are available in many color variants. In this article we will take a closer look at these products and start by explaining what conglomerate quartz kitchen worktops are, and discover all advantages and possible disadvantages.

Quartz conglomerate – what is it?

A quartz conglomerate is formed by grinding the quartz stone. Polyester or acrylic resin is added to the mixture, from which the worktops are made, and a material that is much lighter than traditional stone is obtained. Quartz kitchen worktops made from conglomerate can be characterised by a unique appearance, natural color depth, high gloss and a wide range of colours. It is also a very durable material, which can be an excellent alternative to granite thanks to its uniform colouring. The unique appearance and durability of quartz conglomerate are its key advantages. In addition, it has a smooth surface and very low water absorption, which is extremely important when used as a kitchen or bathroom worktop.quartz kitchen worktops

Quartz conglomerate for the kitchen

Quartz conglomerate is an excellent choice for kitchens, especially those designed to fit your needs, as it allows you to prepare a worktop with specific dimensions. Moreover, thanks to its properties, it is an ideal material for a room where it will be in constant contact with water, high temperatures and chemicals. The use of quartz conglomerate in the kitchen is, on the one hand, a guarantee of many years of use without compromising the aesthetic appearance of the worktop, and on the other hand, a practical solution that makes it easier to keep the surface clean.

Quartz or granite conglomerate – what to choose?

Granite is just as popular as quartz conglomerate for kitchen worktops. Granite slabs have an original structure and give a lot of arrangement possibilities. They can be matt or glossy and are available in almost any colour. These worktops are an original kitchen decoration, but are cold to the touch, heavy in weight and cost much more than plastic worktops. Quartz kitchen worktops are lighter, so they do not require reinforced cabinets and can be freely formed. In addition, they can be coloured to achieve a uniform colour. When it comes to granite worktops, this is unfortunately not possible because the pattern and colour of the raw material depends on the place where the stone was mined and the two pieces will never be the same. Quartz kitchen worktops made from conglomerate are also more pleasant to the touch – it takes the ambient temperature and its surface is extremely smooth. Conglomerate tiles are joined without joints, which translates into the aesthetics of the kitchen finish. If you’d like to find out more regarding conglomerate and quartz kitchen worktops, feel free to explore this link. This website, owned by specialist stone manufacturers is managed very well and their articles/blogs highlight clearly everything about stone, the advantages, uses, applications etc. I suggest you give them a follow too, if their content peaks your interest! A couple of months ago I even wrote an article about them regarding their services, website and available materials. Go ahead and explore: Here.quartz kitchen worktops

Quartz conglomerate is a unique material, so it is ideal for kitchen worktops. Thanks to the use of natural ingredients and modern technologies, conglomerate slabs are resistant to water, high temperatures and acids. Their main component is stone supplemented with cement with dyes or polyester resin. This combination makes the worktop smooth and non-porous and easy to care for and clean. A great advantage of quartz conglomerate is the possibility of using it even for very large projects or creating seamless connection with other elements of equipment, such as sink or window sill. Thanks to this, it will work well in a spacious kitchen and ensure its aesthetic finish.



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