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Atypical use of granite off cuts

When making granite worktops, tiles, window sills, wall cladding, there is a lot of material cuttings. They are full-fledged products, but are not used for the re-manufacturing of the aforementioned goods. Why? Because they are usually too small and have irregular shapes. However, this does not mean that they cannot be used in any way. We decided to give you a few ways to give a second life to granite off cuts. Our proposals are quite unusual, but we believe that they will find their followers.

What can be done with granite off cuts?

  • Figure, souvenirs or statuettes holder – granite is heavy, so it can provide good stability even for large objects that will be attached to it. What’s more, it looks very aesthetically and elegantly and the inscription can be engraved on its surface. The possibility of personalisation is a great advantage, especially when the collection of statuettes or commemorative objects is quite large. Besides, it comes in a wide range of colors and can be given any shape or size – just cut it and it’s ready. The object can be fixed to it with glue or silicone or screwed on.
  • Grill plates – polished granite is ideal for heat treatment of meat. It accumulates heat and distributes it evenly over its entire surface. Moreover, its smooth surface is free of dirt and grease, so it takes just a moment to clean it. In addition, granite slabs are antibacterial, resistant to scratches and stains. They also do not absorb moisture.
  • Baking stone is another way to make practical use of granite off cuts. Granite is a hard and durable magma rock, which perfectly withstands extreme conditions of exploitation, so it is perfect as a baking stone. It is resistant to high temperatures (it tolerates even those reaching 1200oC), it accumulates and evenly distributes heat, absorbs excess moisture and has the ability to maintain temperature (it remains warm for up to 3 hours!). It is also worth mentioning that it is distinguished by high hygiene and easy to keep clean.
  • Cutting board – high resistance of granite to mechanical damage, especially scratches, causes that granite off cuts can be transformed into cutting boards. It is enough to polish and impregnate them so that water and dirt will not soak into their depths. Anyone who looks at them will not hide their admiration, because they look really exclusive. What’s more, cleaning them is child’s play – a soft cloth and warm water with a delicate detergent is enough. We’ll just add that they don’t absorb odors and, unlike wood products, are highly hygienic. They are perfect for serving cheese, starters and even dishes.


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