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The power of background – perfect encasing for your worktop

Why background matters

Background is the key to everything. It’s especially important in case of home interior design. Why? The answer is at the same time pretty easy and complex. On the one hand, background works a s a kind of stage for the events to unfold, that is for the main player, main furniture to be visible. It’s like a setting or a stage where the most precious things can be easily displayed for everyone to look over and truly appreciate. It’s the perfect encasing for your most valued jewel – protecting it and at the same time showing to the public.

Then, on the other hand, the background works as a space organiser. It’s the space itself that unfolds before our eyes and encompasses and at the same time exposes what’s to be seen. This idea may a little more difficult to grasp. Basically, it refers to the way we perceive spaces and how does the movement influence our perception. Still, the background is the very essence which allows to crate wonderful things at relatively low cost. Therefore, the background definitely matters.

Kitchen worktop against the powerful background

backgroundIn case of kitchen design the power of background is especially important. Although, at first sight the power of background may not be visible, if it’s staged properly it can truly make the difference. The power of background in case of kitchen relies on the fact that there are certain things in the kitchen that we want to expose – most of the times it’s the table or kitchen worktop, furniture elements which serve as places of gathering. Yet, in order to display kitchen table or worktop perfectly it’s best to make proper use of the background How can you do it?

First of all, choose one element that you’re willing to show. If it’s kitchen island make sure it has a nice contrastive colour and shape. It’s not enough to place your kitchen island in the very centre – colour scheme is the key here as well. When you choose your kitchen island and its colour think of the actual background. The background should be on the one hand contrastive and then it should allow for your main object to melt in.

In case of kitchen design it’s best to go with neutral colours which are perfect for displaying the power of background. They are especially recommended if you’re willing to have brightly coloured kitchen island. Of course, it’s not always the case, sometimes two bright but contrastive colours, one for the background and the other for the displayed furniture element can work as well. Yet, with such an idea you should always be careful not to do too much.



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