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Granite worktops prices – key information

Granite qualities

Granite is a natural ingenious rock known for its outstanding qualities. Granite is extremely hard, therefore it’s really difficult to scratch. It’s also very durable and can withstand pretty harsh conditions, both inside and outside. When fitted and installed in the kitchen or bathroom it’s immune to heat, moist and spills. When installed outside, as external staircase or gravestone it’s not damaged by strong winds, heavy rains or huge temperature fluctuations. In both cases, granite can come undamaged, even from the most difficult conditions.

Granite worktops – fitting and installation

kitchen worktopGranite is widely used for creating worktops. Since, it’s the so called “dimension rock,” which makes it perfect for cutting into slabs and blocks with a given length, width and thickness, granite worktops are particularly elegant. Variety of possible granite colours, mostly greys, reds, pinks and mixed shades of these, makes it also pretty eye-catching. Although, granite colour range is obviously limited (as opposed to engineered stones’ variety of shades) it still makes unique worktops. Since, it’s a natural stone each granite slab is unique and it’s impossible to find two identical ones – magic of natural processes.

Granite worktops prices vary a lot, depending on original granite excavation sites, ways of storage, shipment and obviously design. Granite fitting and installation also play a huge part in case of pricing. What’s interesting, these processes aren’t easy at all. Although, it seems that granite qualities (durability and resistance to multiplicity of factors) make it easy to fit and install, it’s just the opposite. Unique hardness of granite and its internal veining make it particularly prone to damage. When the pressure is applied improperly granite can easily crack and break. Therefore, when installing granite worktops suppliers and their teams needs to be extra careful.

Granite worktops prices – offers

Still, the most important question remains – what are granite worktops prices? There’s no definite answer and it’s not easy to present well defined price range. Granite worktops prices depend on too many factors to state with certainty their cost. Yet, to give an overall idea what granite worktop prices rely on let’s give some examples. Granite worktops prices depend on the following: granite deposit sites and all the cost connected with them such as excavation, transport and storage, shipment to the country of destination, costs connected with further storing, costs of processes such as cutting and polishing, price of design and finally fitting and installation.



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