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Answering the main granite & quartz concern posed by our Birmingham readers!

Q&A: Granite Worktops Birmingham & Quartz Worktops Birmingham

Birmingham granite worktops

Many of our readers, here on the Granite Offcuts Blog often ask: Which granite worktops Birmingham & quartz worktops Birmingham companies do you recommend? Is it still Polish Granite LTD?

Answering our Birmingham-based readers the question they have been constantly asking – which quartz company to select?

The answer is a little more complicated than a simple Yes or No.

First of all, we would like to remind that we always recommend choosing Polish Granite when it comes to your granite / quartz worktops supplier. They have fantastic products, their palette of quartz choice is absolutely immense, their service is always proven and generally rated 10/10 and they never disappoint. We honestly are yet to hear a negative feedback regarding this quartz company – they are infallible, hence why we grant them a shutout on this blog so often.

A far localisation may be an issue to some . . . 

However, you guessed right there is a heavy BUT: They are first and foremost a Manchester-based quartz company. Their HQ is located in Salford, and they unfortunately haven’t yet expanded in terms of quartz workshops, which means their focal centre area of granite / quartz supply coverage is Greater Manchester, Lancashire and local counties. That’s not to say they don’t delivery their quartz / granite worktops products elsewhere around the UK – they certainly do. When I spoke to one of the employees there, he let us know they still travel around the whole of the UK – from top highlands of Scotland to Land’s end in Cornwall.Birmingham granite worktops

From what I’ve been told, they never expanded in terms of opening up more granite / quartz workshops because they desire to maintain the small family business politics agenda. To them, the bigger a quartz company gets, the more good-quality assets and professionalism is diluted. We think they fear that if they expanded, their control over the prime quality quartz service would weaken, and as such the granite / quartz business name could sustain damage via negative response. The management certainly trust themselves, but all of them are comfortable in Manchester, and I think if they were to expand, some of them would have to disperse across the country, which is against their wishes. But hey, as long as they are happy, and they maintain that excellent quality quartz worktops service that they pride themselves on right now, then why should they shift the business strategy? I can easily quote here one of my favourite sayings: ‘If it isn’t broken, why fix it?’.

Anyway, I digress. So why could their Manchester localisation be an issue to those from Birmingham that seek granite / quartz worktops? The answer is simple: added costs. As of today, Polish Granite charge at least an additional £100 to deliver and install their quartz goods to Birmingham and any other suburbs of the city. That’s because they deploy their quartz fitters directly from Manchester, which equates to a lot of travelling. Mind you, they have to cover the staff’s pay, their food expenses, at times, when a quartz worktops project is massive and needs to be completed over consecutive days, even hotel stays. Apparently during Birmingham quartz templating days, the working hours can amount to 7-8hrs (at least 2.5 hours of travel one way and 2 more for quartz templating itself). During the Birmingham quartz installations this can extend to 8-9hrs. So, as you can see the extra charge is fully justified. Compare that to Greater Manchester locations, which on average can be reached in 35 minutes from their Salford workshop.

Those on a budget may opt for local granite / quartz worktops firms 

As you can see, by going locally, you can save yourself a couple of pounds.

Birmingham quartz worktops

But you need to ask yourself this: is it really worth it? Indeed, you’ll be charged that extra 100 quid, but we cannot express more that in this case, when it comes to a lifetime quartz purchase like this, it’s absolutely worth it! You wouldn’t choose cheaper home builders, if it means that your home would crumble in a couple of years . . . right?

My other favourite proverb: ‘You get what you pay for’ can certainly be applied here. We already established in the abovementioned paragraph that Polish Granite is a trusted and reliable quartz company. They will deliver your quartz products in a timely, pre-arranged fashion, provide you advice regarding any granite / quartz topics or concerns, carry out a quick and clean installation, but above all they will be at your service along every step of the way. You must ask yourself: is going locally is the preferable and worth-it choice . . .  that’s not to say local Birmingham granite / quartz firms are unreliable, but in our research, no other UK quartz company excels above the quartz service that Polish Granite offers. Just check out their online reviews or testimonials on their website – they speak for themselves.

Sometimes spending a little extra may benefit you in the long term

In the end, if you’re already going to spend thousands on your quartz kitchen worktops – why not add a little more and guarantee yourself the Birmingham worktops service you deserve – and be satisfied for many years to come. Don’t forget that apart from great on-site and off-site service, Polish Granite supply solely the high quality, certified and proven products by respected European quartz / granite suppliers: Compac quartz, Cimstone quartz, Cosentino Silestone quartz, Dekton ceramic, Neolith sintered stone, Fugen quartz, Caesarstone quartz, Unistone quartz, B-stone quartz, Levantina granite and many others. So by choosing them, you know that you won’t be getting ripped off either, and your Birmingham granite / quartz products will come with years of warranty.

The final decision remains to you. This blog only aimed to balance out the reasons why you should opt for either local quartz firms, or our highly recommended Manchester quartz company. We hope that this has been beneficial, and remember, if you have any further questions, comment below. Alternatively, feel free to give Polish Granite a call.



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