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Granite worktop prices and choices

Granite worktops – properties

Granite worktops are gaining more and more popularity now. There are many reasons for that. On the one hand, granite worktops are valued for their exquisite beauty and rare colouring, and on the other hand granite worktops are in their essence extremely practical. They are so practical because of the very raw material – the granite rock. Granite is after all known for its high durability, resistance to plenitude of factors and other equally important qualities such as for example interesting colours. Therefore, there’s really no surprise that granite worktops are so popular. Still, it’s best to keep in mind that granite worktops can be quite pricey. Granite worktop prices vary, yet as natural stones you need to be aware they are nothing comparable to some artificial low quality materials. What are the most important factors that influence granite worktop’s prices?

Granite worktops prices

Stone worktop pricesGranite isn’t cheap, yet it’s definitely worth the price. Granite worktops’ prices are influenced by few factors. First of all, final costs depend on your granite worktop suppliers. Different suppliers have slightly different prices. When it comes to suppliers the most important things are project and delivery costs. After all, granite worktops need to be designed first and only later turned into the final products, they also need to be delivered. In case of delivery options there are basically two ways – delivery to your place of choosing and customer’s on site pickup. Of course, if it’s pickup directly at supplier’s site there aren’t extra costs involved. In case of delivery everything depends on the distance – how far your granite worktop needs to be transported.

Yet, granite worktop prices depend mostly on a few other factors. These are costs connected with granite’s processing and with  fitting and installation processes. What’s important, granite worktop’s processing can be quite a process. There’s plenty of actions involved in it. Think for example of cutting granite into blocks, cutting the blocks into slabs, polishing, sealing and finally choosing different detailed options like exact type polish (matt or glossy), type of edges (clean cut or rough) and many other much more individual things. Depending on your choice of the above described things final granite worktop prices can vary. Still, one thing is important to keep in mind – granite worktops can be fully customised and made in such a way as to suit all your needs. No matter the prices granite worktops can definitely set off your rooms. You can check granite worktop prices in this online calculator.



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