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Elegant interiors – sleek, smooth and shiny

Elegant interiors – modern face

Elegant interior designContemporary homes are not only practical places where it’s pretty comfortable to live but it’s much more than that. Our modern homes need to be filled with elegant interiors where everything is carefully considered, arranged and planned. There’s no place for a mismatched elements or an element that’s out of place. Everything needs to be in order. Elegant interiors are easy to spot and define. You know that an interior is elegant if your first impression is that it’s sleek, smooth and shiny.

These three key elements tell you much more than any specific information. In the end it doesn’t really matter whether interiors are modern or traditional, what kind of furniture can you find there ort what type of decorations are used there. All that actually matters is the impression they make. Elegant interiors (see more here) although so easy to spot aren’t really easy to design. Space layout an arrangement need to be carefully thought over and planned here. There’s no place for accident or chance.

Elegant interiors – ideas

Elegant designIn order to enjoy such elegant interiors you should always start with space organisation. It doesn’t mater what kind of room we’re actually talking about – everything starts with proper space layout. There’s one general rule – always remember to have space that’s dedicated to its main purpose and try to separate spaces with different purpose. It’s easy to easy on the example of kitchens – in kitchens it’s visible at first sight that some spaces are devoted to food preparation (like worksurface) and other are used for eating (tables or extended kitchen worktops).

What’s more, elegant interiors need to be smooth and shiny. They are usually filled with simple lines and single objects. Everything runs smoothly – which in practice means that it’s easy to navigate such elegant interiors. There’s simply nothing standing on your way. Finally, let’s not forget that such elegant interiors need to be filled with life, with certain mood or atmosphere which makes them somehow vibrant and  bustling with inner energy.

Energy can be dormant, it doesn’t need to be alive but its potency must be visible at the very first sight. Finally, let’s also not forget about such cases where elegant interiors are too sterile and smooth. In such cases it’s easy to say right away that there’s no actual energy and such interiors are lacking something. You can still call them elegant but somehow they are lacking something that’s truly important. They appear elegant but only at the very first sight.



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