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Colourful walls – modern kitchens

Why colours matter

Kitchen are vital to the way your whole home is functioning. Without properly organised kitchens it’s simply impossible to run a  nice an welcoming home. Kitchen serves as the very heart of all the action. It’s the place where you prepare vital to your health meals, where spend some family time over dinners and have a chance to chat with your closest friends while sipping steaming coffee. Yet, for kitchen to actually fulfil this role it’s particularly important to be properly designed and organised. The most important things here are: proper design, space layout, careful arrangement and finally the colours.

vivid coloursColours matter a lot when it comes to our well being and emotions. Although too many colourful walls can spoil the effect and disperse the impact they can serve great also in the kitchens. Still, let firstly think of the power of some of the colours. For example, orange is said to be best colour for restaurants and places to eat out, simply because it’s said to increase appetite and make people feel hungry. Green on the other hand is said to be a peaceful colour that can effectively help you to relax after long day at work. What can happen if you actually decide to mix the colours and create colourful walls with vivid colours and bright hues? Can colourful walls work in the kitchen?

Why not colourful walls

Colourful walls are perfect ideas for kitchens. First of all, they are filled with various colours and crate a unique palette of colours. Secondly, they are usually quite bright and as such they are also very energetic. Therefore colourful walls are widely recognised for their wonderful impact on our emotions and feelings. With colourful colours it’s really great to experience the power of each shade and hue. Even the way the colours are juxtaposed in such colourful walls plays here a really huge part. Finally, let’s not forget about the fact that colourful walls can completely enliven your kitchen, give it new power, energy and look. Therefore, if you aim to set off your kitchen in an unusual ways colourful walls can be the way to actually go.

Of course, if you really decide to have colourful walls keep in mind that the rest should be kept simple. Don’t overuse colours when it comes to appliances, furniture or flooring. Colourful walls are simply enough in themselves and you should use too many other elsewhere. Finally, they look much better if contrasted with bland backgrounds, metallic alliances and light unobtrusive colours of the flooring. Colourful walls can be really powerful against such a background.



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